Katrin Leblond x Daria Hlazatova 


Montreal fashion and textile designer Katrin Leblond and Ukrainian artist Daria Hlazatova present Stargazing: a print to help you believe in magic. Invoking the magic we see in the stars and the belief that anything is possible. A collection for ceremony and the celebration of life.




"Stargazing" is about summoning our mysteries. Women’s mysteries. 

Searching the skies / Searching ourselves
Looking to the stars / Looking within ourselves


This print is also about sisterhood.

It's the product of two women artists—Katrin Leblond (Canada) and Daria Hlazatova (Ukraine)—collaborating creatively across borders.


How do art, sisterhood, and magic work their way into our daily lives?

How do we identify and manifest magic in our lives and relationships?

What is the story about sisterhood that we can tell together?

Katrin Leblond

For twenty years, Leblond’s work as a designer and boutique-owner in Montréal has been guided by ethical practices in design and manufacturing. All her materials are locally sourced, from fabrics down to thread and zipper—all sewn and produced by local workers in Montreal’s vibrant fashion sector, requiring less fossil fuel for transport and supporting the local clothing / fabric industry. Learn more.

Daria Hlazatova

Daria Hlazatova is an artist/illustrator currently based in Ukraine. Her work is inspired by challenges, music, theatre, travelling, nature, fairy-tales and life itself. For Daria, drawing is a means for spontaneous self-expression and connecting with the viewer. The aim of each new work is to foster inspiration, evoke emotion and encourage the viewer to believe that everything is possible. instagram.com/dariahlazatova


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